Our Worship Service

Our Worship Service
Fellowship begins at 10:00am
Service begins at 10:30am

We offer the following ministries for children:
Nursery: for crawlers and toddlers (able to sit up on their own) which opens at 10:15am.
Early Childhood: for preschoolers up to and including kindergarten (potty trained) which opens at 10:15am.
Early Elementary: for 1st grade up to and including 3rd grade and these children are dismissed from corporate worship before the preaching begins.


10135 W Quail Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89148. Directions
Who We Are:
    Our Vision
  • We seek to exalt Christ by preaching the Word and serving one another.
    Our Mission
  • We make disciples of Christ Jesus who know God's Word, evangelize the lost, pursue holiness, and serve our church family.
    Our Pillars
  • Gospel: Christ died on the cross in our place to remove the death penalty for our sins forever. We love Him because He first loved us. We strive together and stand firm for the Gospel. We desire to reflect His love and display the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

    Bible: The Bible is God’s inspired, authoritative, inerrant Word, sufficient to train believers in righteousness and equip them for ministry. The Spirit uses God’s Word to save unbelievers. We believe expository, verse by verse preaching, honors God’s Word and communicates His truth best. We strive to explore the depths of God’s Word publically and privately.

    Worship: We have been saved so that we may worship our Lord and God in spirit and in truth. Corporately we worship by teaching God’s Word and singing His praises. Individually we worship by living in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Worship is service and we look for every opportunity to serve, love, prefer, and pray for one another. 

    Missions: We are ambassadors for Christ. We want the world to know Christ, so we strive together to promote faith in Jesus Christ through any biblical means. We pray for our neighbors and serve them in practical and visible ways. We support international missions financially and prayerfully.

The Principles of Cornerstone:
A High View of God
The Word of God
The Right View of Man
The Purpose of the Church
Biblical Leadership


What can I expect?

Cornerstone designs the worship service to edify, instruct, and lead the believer to Christ. Exalting God is our primary focus and we unite together to praise the Lord. We select music based on content above stylistic preferences and our music consists of classic and modern hymns.
We read Scripture together, pray, and open God's Word during the sermon. We strive to get biblical content correct and minister that to you. Bring a notebook and pen. Our sermons tend to run 50-60 minutes long. 

If you want to know more about how we view and organize worship, listen


FAQ about worship?

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What is the Holy Spirit's role in preaching? answer

What kind of style is most important? answer

How do you prepare your sermons? answer

Here is a video about preaching in its entirety, see below. 


Contact Jason Vaughn for any other questions -  jason.vaughn@cornerstonevegas.org